jds department store Inc

In order to make a purchase with jds department store, please note you MUST first place an order to receive an order number before making a payment (Yes, you will be able to get an order number without entering payment information.. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS ON OUR WEBSITE.  Invoices are emailed to customers upon request to pay with card or you can call our payment line at 347-656-6228 to make a payment over the phone. Shipping notifications are emailed to buyers within 24-48 hours of payment being received/processed.   PAYMENTS RECEIVED BY 2PM EST MONDAY THRU THURSDAY WILL BE SHIPPED THE NEXT DAY. PAYMENTS RECEIVED ON FRIDAY, SATURDAY AND SUNDAY WILL BE SHIPPED ON MONDAY AND TUESDAY. Shipping will be delayed if you do not include ORDER NUMBER with your payment. Should you have further questions, please contact customer support at info@jdstoreonline.com (include order number in subject line) and be detailed with your message or our customer support text line at 347-656-6228. Please send a text message to 347-656-6228 for immediate response to changes to orders eg. shipping address change etc.  PLEASE NOTE WE DO NOT SHIP ORDERS ON WEEKENDS and orders can not be cancelled after payment is received. Beware of scammers. PLEASE ONLY SEND PAYMENTS USING OUR CURRENT PAYMENT OPTIONS BELOW.

***Below are our payment Options. Carefully read through  to choose an option to pay your order by following provided instructions under each option***:  If you have any questions, EMAIL customer support info@jdstoreonline.com or text our customer support text line at 347-656-6228. 

1. ZELLE/ Quick Pay with Zelle


- SEND to 347-656-6228 - Juliet A

- jdstore3905@hotmail.com- Esther A

-347-430-7254- Esther A 

- Type your ORDER NUMBER  in memo or message box or reason for payment box. Make sure you type order number in box provided before sending payment.

- Send Apple payments to 347-430-7254 OR 929-358-4506.  PLEASE DO NOT CALL OR TEXT THESE NUMBERS (AS THEY ARE PAYMENT LINES ONLY).
-  text your order number to any of the above Apple Pay numbers then click on Apple Pay to send payment.
- you may receive a scam alert as we are not on your contact list.
- You will receive a payment received message within 24 hours of payment (email or text customer support if you don't) 

3. Cash App ( Our correct cash app is $jdszone and name is Bismark Appiah

- Please do not send your cash app payment to any other person as it is FRAUD. Please pay attention to
Spelling and details.
-send cash app to $jdszone name is Bismark Appiah
-Please include your order number in the memo box with your payment. 

4. Money Order OR Cashiers Check  ( NO PERSONAL CHECKS or Bill Pay Check) NO CASH !!
Payable to JDS Department Store & don’t forget to sign money order or check. 
Mail to JDS Department Store Inc.
             3915 Dyre Ave
             Bronx NY 10466
Re: please write order number on memo space of money order/cashiers check or behind your mailing envelope. Do not write order number in the middle or back  of the money order.  
- Please be sure to write the store name on the pay to the order of space and SIGN check or else the banks will reject it and we cannot process it.
- do not write or type Apetamin 
-For Canadian customers, you can send international money order or wire transfer (in USD!!!).
- We will destroy any money order that is not international and not in USD as we are not responsible for mailing back the wrong money order. 

You can pick up in store Monday thru Saturday from 8:30am to 6:30pm. Please provide order number to cashier if you already ordered online or just walk in to make a purchase. Walk in purchases and online store pick up can Pay with Cash/Debit/Credit/Apple Pay at the store. 

STORE ADDRESS : 3915 Dyre Ave, Bronx NY 10466
Store Number is : 845-236-6458

7. DEBIT/ CREDIT CARD ( You must be the card holder to use card for purchases). 
 There are two ways to pay with a debit/credit card 
- Starting 2/1/23, you can call 347-656-6228 to make payment Monday thru Saturday from 10am to 7pm EST. 
-  You can also request an invoice to pay on your own. please text "invoice with your order number" to 347-656-6228 and an invoice will be emailed to you to PAY right away. 
  Once you get invoice, please click on PAY and enter your card details. 
- Your billing address should be entered as just the street number and zip code.
-Card payments over a certain amount may require us to ask for your id and copy of card.


8. International Customers: (Money Gram or RIA)
-Out of country customers are able to send us money via MONEY GRAM or RIA transfer.
- Please email or text us with your order number and request for money gram or RIA INFORMATION. 

**Wire transfers and international money orders can not be reversed or refunded so please make sure you send the correct amount in order to process your order. If your payment is not complete you will be required to send the additional payment to complete your order. 

Thank You,
Jds Department Store
347-656-6228- (customer support ) & text.
845-236-6458- store line